Strawberry Cookies OG

Strawberry Cookies OG

A WonderGrove Strain

Strawberry Cookies OG


Introducing Strawberry Cookies OG, a premium indoor hybrid flower. A cross between Strawberry OG IBL and Ethos Cookies #16, it offers a relaxing and euphoric effect while remaining functional. Known for its musky incense and sweet strawberry aroma, accompanied by hints of dry grapes and fuel, this strain's terpene profile contributes to its unique aroma and effects.

BREEDER - Ethos Genetics

LINIAGE - Strawberry OG IBL x Ethos Cookies #16

CANNABINOIDS - 25% with up to 1% CBD and 1% CBG

TERPENES - Up to 2% b-Caryophyllene, d-Limonene, a-Humulene and b-Myrcene


What Makes Strawberry Cookies OG So Good?

Relaxing and euphoric but also functional. Helps with depression and anxiety.

Mood & Feelings

Top Effects - Relaxing and Cheerful


Musky incense, sweet strawberries, dry grapes with a fuel tinge.

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