Purple Ghost Candy

Purple Ghost Candy

A Strain by Field Trip

Purple Ghost Candy


Delve into the mesmerizing world of Purple Ghost Candy Flower. This extraordinary strain, lovingly cultivated in Cameron, Missouri, promises a sensory journey like no other. At the heart of this strain is a harmonious fusion of terpenes, enchanting flavors, and, of course, the cherished THC content.

The Purple Ghost Candy Flower Strain stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. This strain bears the hallmark of unparalleled quality and unwavering dedication to safety. With the distinction of both Adult-Use and Medicinal licenses, Field Trip ensures that consumers receive nothing short of excellence.

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What Makes Makes Purple Ghost Candy So Good?

The spicy, citrusy, piney, herbal, and sweet notes create a rich and complex flavor, making Purple Ghost Candy an appealing choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a unique and delightful experience. Additionally, its well-balanced THC content contributes to the overall appeal, offering a blend of euphoria, relaxation, and creativity.

Mood & Feelings

Purple Ghost Candy induces a sense of serene euphoria, gradually washing over the consumer with a gentle, uplifting embrace. It sparks creativity and conversation, making it an ideal choice for social or creative activities.


At first whiff, you'll detect a blend of spicy, peppery notes that provide an alluring kick. These spicy undertones are followed by a hint of earthiness and musk, introducing a layer of complexity to the scent profile. As you delve deeper, the fragrance reveals a refreshing twist with a zesty and citrusy scent.

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