Gummiez 6

Gummiez 6


Discover Gummiez 6, where Missouri's cannabis culture meets a harmonious fusion of Bubble Gum's sweet embrace and Triangle Mints' soothing relaxation.

This Field Trip creation, under the Wondergrove umbrella, showcases a well-balanced hybrid strain, blending euphoria with tranquility. Elevate your senses with Gummiez 6, the epitome of a Missouri-grown masterpiece.


What Makes Makes Gummiez 6 So Good?

Gummiez 6 stands out due to its exceptional combination of flavors, melding the sweetness of Bubble Gum with the calming qualities of Triangle Mints, creating a delightful and balanced cannabis experience.

Mood & Feelings

This strain is renowned for inducing a euphoric, uplifted mood, promoting relaxation and a sense of calm, making it an ideal choice for both recreational and medicinal users.


Gummiez 6 offers a delightful and enticing aroma profile, characterized by its sweet, fruity notes with a hint of earthiness, inviting consumers to savor its fragrant bouquet.

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